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OGO Primavera Red Oak is owned by Nancy Savage and Linda Schultz of Merrill Morgans. We would like to thank Wendy LeGate of Old Growth Oak Morgans for this wonderful stallion. We acquired Red in April of 2013, as an untrained 5 year old. He is a beautiful chestnut example of a Morgan horse. We feel that Red will be an exceptional sire. After one month in training we were riding Red down the trail. He can go all day long and not break a sweat. We think he will cross well with Arabians to make good endurance horses. Red has a wonderful disposition and a fabulous old pedigree!!

Red’s extended pedigree shows his Morgan ancestry going on and on to what is considered today as old Western Working Morgan breeding. Morgan bloodlines include Red Oak, Linsley, Gay Mac, Redman, General Gates, Ethan Allen 2nd, El Cortez, and Dapper Dan. Red’s pedigree is thirteen generations removed from Justin Morgan.

Red’s background also includes famous Arabian bloodlines. On his sire’s side is Princess Sabab, by Sabab, a purebred Arabian owned by Randolph Hearst. On his dam’s side is Antman whose dam is Pontez who is by Antez. Antez was Karl Kellog’s favorite Arabian stallion.

Red is the kind of horse everybody loves, he just wants to please you. Red has a kind, full eye. His shoulder blends into his short back to make a well-balanced saddle horse.
He is quick as a cat on his feet and loves to be ridden in slippery, steep country. Red is fifteen hands and still growing and developing.

We've purchased some really nice mares to breed to Red next year and Red will be standing to a few outside mares. Red will also start his show career in 2014 as a hunter pleasure horse and will be competing in endurance rides. We are going to have BIG, BIG FUN with our new stallion.

Interested in breeding to this up and coming stallion?
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